Enjoy a combination of healthy breakfast options that are prepared fresh and made to energize you for a big day of outdoor adventure.


Lunch comes in many different forms at WildExodus. Eat on the run with a shore lunch options, dine in the middle of your outdoor adventure, or enjoy a relaxing sit down right on site at Wawaitin Falls.


End your day of adventure with relaxation. Sit down for a served full course dinner, a fine meal prepared using fresh, local ingredients and finish off with our popular, specialty desserts.
Meals are available in your unit or in the Glamping dinning tent overlooking Kenogamissi lake when pre-booked . Please contact us to make arrangements.


Our meal plans vary depending on the items or packages you choose to purchase with WildExodus. The following meal plans offer a glimpse into the choice foods you will be served.
The combination of meals differ depending on season and product availability. Even though we may substitute, our promise is that you will always eat well, and be served locally produced fresh food.
You can download and see the inclusions within each bookable meal package by clicking on the respective ‘Plan’, or view the possible individual meals that can be booked by contacting staff.