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The privacy of our visitors is important to us and we are committed to a voluntary privacy policy. We want to provide you with the most unique, personalized wilderness holiday experience and ensure that you in turn receive from us individualized information that is specific and relevant to your needs and interests. The information that you voluntarily provide to us will enhance your wilderness experience. Unless you authorize us to do otherwise, we will insure that the privacy of the personal information you provide us will be protected and not be disclosed to any third parties. We will keep your personal information in secure data storage in order to safeguard it from unauthorized access. We will keep your personal information for as long as it remains necessary or relevant for the identified purposes or as required by law. We may have to disclose personal information when legally obligated to do so (such as by court order or search warrant) or in an emergency situation or for security reasons. We are committed to letting you know how we use your personal information. You control your personal information. When you do opt to supply personal information in order to use features and services with us, that information represents the personal information in your ‘file’. You may request to view its contents any time. You may also decline to provide your personal information in the first place. A final word; we cannot be responsible for any information you may choose to exchange over the internet medium, however, information you submit to us, via that or any other means, will be protected in the same manner and will not be divulged to third parties.


The information on WildExodus Travel websites is made available in order to provide web users with information about its products, services, and its operations. In no event or circumstance is WildExodus Travel, its proprietor(s), directors, officers, employees or agents, liable, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, for any losses or damages of whatever nature, including, without limitation, any damages for loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data, arising in any manner from (i) the use of any of WildExodus Travel’s websites, whether directly or through a hyperlinked site, (ii) modification or discontinuance of any of WildExodus Travel’s websites or (iii) from any errors, omissions, inaccuracies, or any misleading or out-of-date information, whether contained on or as received by the user of any of WildExodus Travel’s websites.


WildExodus Travel or their agent(s) retain the right to, at anytime and without notice, change this policy in any manner whatsoever.


A deposit of 25% of your invoice total is required when requesting a reservation in order to secure a confirmation. A second invoice will be delivered by email thirty (30) days prior to your arrival and must be paid in full to confirm your booking. Special reservation requests or those made less than thirty (30) days prior to arrival will be accepted only with full payment.


Your deposit will confirm reservation until thirty (30) days prior to arrival date at which time the balance is due. Should you have a change of plans for any reason whatsoever and can not honor your reservation, your deposit and payments are good for life and fully transferable conditional on our receipt of email notification from you a minimum of 24 hours prior to arrival.


WildExodus reserves the right to cancel or alter any reservation or wilderness adventure trip (including itineraries) due to unexpected changes in weather, water levels, regulations, or any logistical consideration whatsoever. In the unlikely event of a necessary cancellation, a full refund will be made to all confirmed registrants.


Prices, unless otherwise indicated, are in CAD dollars per person and are based on double occupancy. In some cases a single supplement is available. Management retains the right to assign touring accommodations based on party size and availability.


All members of a party participating in guided wilderness adventures will be required to sign a standard liability release form before the start of the trip indicating that they are in good health and capable of participating in the activities as outlined in the itinerary for the chosen adventure(s). Minors under 18 will require consent from parent or guardian. All those participating in ATV or snowmobile tours and requiring a rental unit must have a valid driver’s license and provide a security deposit.


Parties with requirements for consideration such as medical or dietary stipulations, customization of tour package, special equipment, etc., must request that these be noted in their itinerary and verify same prior to approval. We will do our best to accommodate you.


You will require a passport to enter Canada and may need a visa, please check with the consulate general or embassy in your country of origin. The Canadian border is one of the friendliest in the world. We want you to visit Canada. Most international visitors are allowed to purchase Duty Free Goods. Consult with the Revenue & Customs Agency. It is illegal to bring any type of firearm into Canada without prior authorization and obtaining the required possession permit(s).