The Canadian Tourism Commission has identified nine different types of Canadian travelers based on age, lifestyle, social and travel values, which may just come in handy when you’re planning your next vacation. Our packages fit within six identified traveler types described below.

What type of explorer are you?


You are a very active traveller who enjoys frequent weekend escapes. Always on the move, you immerse yourself in nature, local culture and history. The Yurt Weekend package best fits the Cultural Explorer travel type.


While traveling, you do not consider yourself a tourist but rather an adventurer, explorer, or discoverer. You seek unique, customized travel experiences with personalized content and a mindset that values freedom and individuality. The Paddling Odyssey package best fits the Millennial Explorer travel type.


Your travel type is something of an improv artist, exploring nature, history and culture, all on the path to personal development through authentic travel. The Glamping High Adventure package best fits the Authentic Explorer travel type.


A thrill-seeking hedonist, travel satisfies your insatiable need for the exciting and the exotic. You are also highly social and open-minded, your enthusiasm for life extends to your outlook on travel. The Liquid Medicine package best fits the Free Spirit Explorer travel type.


You like to return to past destinations and enjoy the security of familiar surroundings. You appreciate convenience, the very best in comfort, relaxation and typically look for all the comforts of home. The Camping Weekend package best fits the Gentle Explorer travel type.


You are an optimistic outdoor enthusiast who is interested in diverse cultures and meeting locals. You enjoy freedom on the water as a confident angler, and are young at heart, the playfully adventurous. The Glamping Timmins package best fits the Avid Explorer travel type.